Sundance Vacations Destination Bracket Challenge

Sundance Vacations Destination Bracket Challenge Championship Bracket 2016 Winner

Help us choose the best Sundance Vacations’ Destination in this year’s bracket challenge!  All you need to do is vote for your favorite destinations in each one of the sub-brackets (Mountain, Family, Beach and Tropical destinations) and help us advance down to the final four, and then the eventual champion!  For helping us out along the way, everyone will be entered into a drawing and six lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive some Sundance Vacations gear!  It’s a super fun and easy way to win some cool prizes!

Use the tabs below to switch between voting forms and vote for four of your favorite destinations on each one.  Be sure to submit the form with your name and email address so you are entered for the Sundance Vacations prizes! Check back to see who advances and feel free to vote as many times as you’d like in each round!

Voting Schedule: Round 13/18-3/21; Sweet 16 — 3/22-3/24Elite 83/24-3/28; Final Four3/28-3/31; Championship4/1-4/4.

Congratulations to the 2016 Sundance Vacations Destination Bracket Challenge Champion, Molokai, Hawaii!

Molokai Hawaii